ISR Acquaclara, a RO Water Purifier, uses reverse osmosis (RO) process to purify your water by eliminating contaminants as small as ions. This is worldwide used finest purification process to purify water. In Reverse Osmosis process to reduce salts from potable/brackish water, a semi-permeable membrane is used. In RO Purifier, water is pumped to the concentrate side to apply enough pressure which is greater than the osmotic pressure so that water molecules are forced to pass the semi-permeable membrane as permeate and the contaminants are allowed to drain as reject stream and  thereby do not get accumulated  like traditional filters.


The permeate is then allowed to Ultra Violet rays. UV rays have  shorter wave length than violet lights i.e. less than 400 nanometer and have higher energy. The UV rays applied to the treated water are absorbed by the DNA of the pathogens present and the DNA is altered in such a way that it cannot reproduce itself and thereby eventually killed and cannot cause/spread infection.


Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. A semipermeable membrane is a thin layer of material capable of separating substances when a driving force is applied across the membrane.

What is TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, whether organic or inorganic, whether for better or for worse.



    Best RO Water Purifier

    Contemporary designed water purifier based on the proven state of an art Acquaclara RO technology. Appropriate for mounting on kitchen wall at homes and offices, making it the best  water purifier. It purifies water from bore-well, overhead tank and municipal corporation, giving us pure water and making it  pure, tasty, safe and healthy drinking water.

    Doctors opinion, 80% of all human diseases like Cholerea, Blood Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Gastro Enteritis, Jaundice, Typhoid, Constipation are all water born. Microbes like Vibrio-Cholerea, Salmonella Typhosa, Entamoeba, Histolytica etc. live happily in drinking water and if that water is drunk without treating it properly those bacteria due to their parasitic character start increasing their family within human body in geometric  progression. Dr. Edward keppler the senior most micro-biologist of World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed that most of the people of Asia, Africa and other under developed countries are attacked by the aforesaid diseases because of their carelessness regarding drinking water.

    It is very difficult to eliminate the above bacteria causing water born diseases by ordinary water purifier. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS “ACQUACLARA RO WATER PURIFIER”. Use Acquaclara RO Water Purifier for 100% Pure, Safe, Healthy and Tasty Purified Water. And Protect Your Family From Water Born Diseases.