Effluent Treatment Plant

Water is being used by different industries for washing, dilution, formation, condensing and even as raw material. Generally from all theses usages some waste water is generated which needs serious attention as these waste water can pollute the local water bodies immensely.

A typical Effluent Treatment Plant involves the following steps:

☼ Primary Clarifier
 Aeration Tank
 Secondary Clarifier
 Tertiary Treatment
☼ Disinfection
 Sludge Processing














A complete Effluent treatment may be a combination of Physical, Chemical & Biological processes.  Biological treatment can be of two types – Aerobic & Anearobic. Some popular biological processes are given below:

Aerobic                                                                             Anearobic
Activated Sludge Process                                                     Lagoons
Tricking Filtration                                                              Anearobic Digestion
Oxidation Ponds

Recycling of Waste Water:


Nowadays many Industries are emphasizing on Re-cycling of waste water after proper treatment of the same within the process or in other applications. This needs further treatment after conventional treatment process to match the required quality of water.



USP of our Sewage Treatment Plant are:

♠ ETPs are customized to meet specific needs.
♠ Removal of almost 99% of all impurities from effluent
♠ Utilisation of less space for the system


We are in continuous effort to provide sustainable solution for sewage treatment & control. Our customers must be made free from the operation & maintenance of water and waste  water  treatment plant with our skilled technicians to  enable Industries & Institutions to focus on their core business. Customer satisfaction being our driving force we provide services for the following:

☺ Installation, Start-up & Commissioning

☺ Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

☺ Yearly ‘Health Check-up’ & Overhauling

☺ 24x7 ‘O & M’, Service Contract

☺ Plant Up-gradation & Automation

☺ Plant & Process Audits, Water Audits & Consultancy

☺ Supply, Culture & use of microbes in ETP

☺ Supply of all types of spares required to run ETP.


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