Water Softener









 Higher capacity is available as per requirement



For instant supply of soft filtered water without heat and electricity. Mainly used in Chemical Industries, Food Processing, Galvanizing, Research Labs, Power Stations, Cooling Towers, Domestic uses, A.C plant, Boilers, Heat exchanger, Chemical Plants, Tea Processing, Generating sets, Textiles Industries, Ice Factories, Breweries etc.


One mild steel rubber lined / PVC / FRP shell fitted with pipelines, valves, strainers, sampling cock, water meter and filled up with fully charged high capacity polyelectrolyte base Cation Exchange Resin, and containing one Acid proof pot for regeneration.


ISR water softener is manually operated Ion Exchange unit. When raw / iron free water passes through a bed of ion exchange resign in sodium form, the calcium and magnesium salts are taken up from the water by the cation exchanger, which simultaneously gives up an equivalent amount of sodium salts and thus the soft water is produced. Only common salt is required for regeneration.

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