We provide single point control system of water & waste water treatment equipments for making the operation user friendly & cost effective. Automation provides real time data and matrices at users' end system operation, diagnostics and preventive care reducing the TCO i.e. total cost of operation.

Complete Peace of Mind Through Services

Our customers must be made free from the operation & maintenance of water and waste water treatment plant with our skilled technicians to enable Industries & Institutions to focus on their core business. Customer satisfaction being our driving force we provide services for the following:

 ♦ Installation, Start-up & Commissioning

  24x7 O & M, Service Contract

 ♦ Plant Upgradation & Automation

  Water Audits, Consultancy

 ♦ Annual Maintenance Contract

Rain Water Harvesting

Rapid urbanization, deforestation and industrialization has increased the demand of fresh water creating scarcity of fresh water. No sincere efforts have been made to recharge the ground water level with rain water. Before it is too late we must not only understand & realize the need of rainser_4 water harvesting but also implement the systems to harvest rainwater at our homes, industries, residential complexes not only for us but also for our future generation.Considering this as our moral responsibility we have designed comprehensive solutions for rain water harvesting. Rooftop rainwater harvesting nowadays has become popular. Different types of roof top rainwater harvesting is available for thatched roofs, sloping/tiled roofs, common houses with RCC roofs etc..

Water Chemicals

It has been studied that required water quality varies from a cooling tower in hotels to a boiler in industries. As a result usage of chemicals differ from plant to plant. We provide a wide range of water treatment chemicals to address various issues like scaling, corrosion, bio-fouling etc.

    ♦ Coagulants

    ♦ Cooling water chemicals

    ♦ Boiler water chemicals

    ♦ Descaling chemicals

    ♦ RO antiscalant

Swimming Pool Solutions

There are different types of swimming pools which are different in function (tropical swimming pool, sauna), size and conditions such as water temperature, cleaning system and disinfection mechanism. Depending upon the specific needs of our customer 3we provide total package of designing, construction, equipment supply & installation, operation & maintenance of swimming pools.Swimming pool water must be treated so that the water remain clean & clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, algae and other pathogens and suitable for use by swimmers. At ISR we combine latest design, ultramodern technologies, automation and 24x7 maintenance of equipments with our decades of experience in Water & Waste Water Treatment Management.



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