Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage is actually the waste liquid that is disposed off through the sewers which includes waste water from toilets,baths,kitchens etc..Widely used methods to treat the sewage generally involves three steps:

♦ Primary Treatment (Mechanical)
♦ Secondary Treatment (Biological) and
♦ Tertiary (or Advanced) treatment

stp-1 stp-2Primary Treatment consists of screening to Oil & Grease trap. This process is often called as ‘Mechanical Treatment’ and is designed to remove floating particles, Oil & Grease and Suspended Solids from raw sewage.

Secondary Treatment involves removing of organic matters that escapes primary treatment. It is performed by microbes / indigenous  water borne micro-organisms which consumes organic matter as food for their growth & reproduction. The Secondary or Biological treatment requires additional Settling tanks to remove more suspended solids. This can achieve upto 85% removal of Suspended Solids & BOD through well managed plant. Treated Sewage from secondary treatment needs to be disinfected before it is discharged to Tertiary treatment.

Tertiary Treatment is the advanced treatment beyond secondary. Tertiary treatment of sewage can produce an output quality of treated effluent almost similar to drinking water quality. This may involve high technological expertise with expensive process utilization.

To achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of the sewage water various treatment processes are used stated below:

# Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)

# Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film process (SAFF)

# Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

# MBBR with DAF & Activated Sludge Process

# FAB (Fluidised Aerobic Bio Reactor) process

# Extended Aeration with FAB process

# Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process

USP of our Sewage Treatment Plant are:

♦ Separation & recovery of Oil & Grease as froth.
♦ Removal of almost 99% of all impurities from sewage.
♦ Utilisation of less space for the system.

We are in continuous effort to provide sustainable solution for sewage treatment & control. Our customers must be made free from the operation & maintenance of water and waste  water  treatment plant with our skilled technicians to  enable Industries & Institutions to focus on their core business. Customer satisfaction being our driving force we provide services for the following:
♥ Installation, Start-up & Commissioning
♥ Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
♥ Yearly ‘Health Check-up’ & Overhauling
♥ 24x7 ‘O & M’, Service Contract
♥ Plant Up-gradation & Automation
♥ Plant & Process Audits, Water Audits & Consultancy
♥ Supply, Culture & use of microbes in STP
♥ Supply of all types of spares required to run STP.


STP Process

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