RO Water System

products14roAvailable in 2.5", U" & 8" sizes. Available from 150 PSI up to 1000 PSI operating pressure. Burst Pressure 6 times than operating pressure.

Test Pressure 1.5 time than the operating pressure. Available in end port and side port design for lower Piping cost and ease of maintenance. Supplied with straps and saddles. Suitable for all membranes available. Every pressure tube tested.

RO  Water System works on the principle of reverse osmosis system wherein the impurities gets accumulated as the concentrate and is being rejected and almost pure water comes out as Permeate.

The RO Water System will be comprised of the following two sections :

Pre-Treatment Plant Section  :

The scheme proposed in this section is as follows :

Feed Pump →                     Multi-grade Filter →              Activated Carbon Filter →           Water Softener

Reverse Osmosis Plant Section :

The scheme proposed in this section is as follows :

Micron Filter →        High Pressure Pump →            RO Block →           UV →        Micron Filter


The water is passed through the Pre-filter section and the cartridge filter to reduce the SDI below acceptable limits for the RO membrane that is 4. The cartridge filter also takes care of any foreign particles and prevents it from going to high pressure pump to prevent any damage to the high pressure  pump.

Then the water is pumped at high pressure through the RO block, wherein, the major quantity of dissolved salts is rejected in the reject stream and almost the pure water comes out as a separate stream.



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